Monday, July 11, 2011

A Creators Dream

I Love to Create, fashions mainly, but I also love to build & Building is a dream in a Virtual World like InWorldz
I began creating in Secondlife when I 1st found Virtual Worlds in 2006 I have always designed Clothing for Avatars since then, but it was hard learning how to do it back then as not much information was around. I mainly learnt through trial & error! Before I learnt how to make my own flexi skirts I used to use the many Full perms ones that were floating around SL back then, but what joy it is to be able to actually create your own... I never used a script to create them as i didnt know then that there was one lol. Now I always create my own as that is what i am used to doing. Since InWorldz has grown so much in the 2yrs + I have been there.. I have seen a lot of Fashion Creators come in who simply couldnt live without their skirtmakers, I had one that had been given to me by a friend who used them & i passed that onto many new residents who came to create but needed their skirtmakers... the Looprezzer I believe it makes the prims to the size you want then produces a full skirt for you by the click of a button. I tried the shoe maker once in SL... Loved it because it taught me a lot & thats how I learnt to create shoes, but it is so much more satisfying to just create them yourself without these aides & there are a few of us still around who do just that ;)

If your wishing to know How... then I will put as much as i can do into this blog so you can learn How!

until then bye for now
Rosa ;)

PS: Any Resident who would like to post a tutorial here... please contact me InWorldz Rosa Dagostino & i will add it for you ;)

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